Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Boombox Project - Go Art!

Go Realty believes in supporting our community and with The Boombox Project we're putting the spotlight on local artists. If you're wondering what the heck a boombox has to do with a party to celebrate the opening of our new offices, you're not alone.

The Boombox Project is a celebration of artists.  It is an opportunity to fill our new spaces with the people that inspire us the most.  The artists in our life.  An artist being anyone who is so passionate and committed to what they do that it can be considered an artform. 

Artists are rare. 

They are the people you encounter that make you want to do whatever you do a little better.  They are infectious.  They're game changers.  They make you wanna bring your A game.  And they're worth celebrating. 


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Time To Go On A Walkabout!

At ease people, I'm not talking about the Australian version that refers to a rite of passage or even Crocodile Dundee's spontaneous journey through the wilderness.  I'm talking about taking a walk around your house to check on any obvious maintenance issues.  You should probably do this at least twice a year, but probably better to do it quarterly.

Things to look for: 
- Changes in your siding or exterior trim. Has anything worked itself loose and need to be secured? Are their any cracks or peeling in paint that need to be caulked and sealed?  It's much easier to do this to a few cracks than it is to wait until water has worked its way in and caused some serious damage!
- Look at your exterior doors. Are they forming a good seal? Has the weatherstripping dried out or come loose? 
- Check windows for cracks in the panes or trim.
- Make sure there are no limbs or shrubs making contact with the home that could cause damage to the roof, siding or windows.
- Look at the roof, as well as you can. Any shingles that are missing, torn or turned up should be repaired or replaced to prevent water penetration or damage.  Consult a roofing expert if you don't feel up to this one on your own.
- Check the ground around the home for mulch that has gotten against the base of the house and rake it away. Mulch is a termite's favorite access point to your home. If you see any tunnels - call a pest expert ASAP! You may want to get your home inspected for termites every year or two. An inspection will cost you $75 and is well worth the money here in the termite-ridden Carolinas
- Check fences and other exterior structures for peeling paint, rot and disrepair and schedule some Honey-Do time to take care of them.

Preventive maintenance is never fun, but it's a good habit to get into.  My dad and I frequently speak to homeowners that are blindsided by all the little things that need to be addressed when they want to sell their homes, but those little things would be much fewer and more minor if they hadn't been left undone over the years.